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About Us

Founded with an eye toward providing small to mid-size businesses and real property investors with top-caliber, value-driven advisory services, Mirus Global Advisory Services brings together a distinctive set of expertise and services to address the needs of clients the world over. Specifically, our services seek to address some of the basic issues facing any business or real property investor:

  • How to effectively understand and evaluate new investment opportunities?
  • How to most effectively operate your business or investment property?
  • At what location should you choose to operate or invest?
  • What steps can you take to lower your overall cost of capital?
  • How to obtain financing for your investment or business?

Most businesses and real property investors face very similar issues. For example, owners and managers of any business are often faced with serious questions regarding how to best operate their business, minimize their overall cost of capital, and where best to situate their office or operations.  Similarly, the real property investor needs to understand how to best operate their properties while minimizing their overall cost of capital, and, of course, locating suitable properties in which to invest.

As such, there are many types of services which can be applied to both types of clients. We’ve chosen to focus on 3 specific types of services that can either be delivered in tandem or on an as-needed basis. To learn more about our services, click here:

·          Business Advisory Services

·          Capital Advisory Services

·          Realty Advisory Services

Our Business Advisory Services are primarily focused on operations and working capital management, while our Capital Advisory Services address different types of debt and equity capitalization. Finally, our Realty Advisory Services unit (Mirus Realty Advisors) is not only a robust source of advisory expertise, but is also a fully licensed real estate brokerage which can assist you in all of your real estate transactions.

Advisory Services are available on a worldwide basis. Contact our New York office for more information.