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Business Advisory Services

For many small to medium size businesses, the resources and expertise required to effectively address challenging operational and financial issues are often either too expensive or too impractical to engage.  For example, the high hourly rates and, at times, “cookie-cutter” approaches to problem solving offered by larger consulting and advisory firms can effectively limit a small or mid-sized business’s desire to make use of such resources.

We here at Mirus Global Advisory Services offer an alternative: high-quality business advisory services without the high hourly rates, bloated overhead costs, or “low-touch” approaches that are often offered by larger firms. In addition, rather than claiming to be experts at everything, we focus our business advisory efforts within the following areas:

Business Process Improvement

Do you suspect that your internal business processes might offer an opportunity for either enhanced efficiency or cost savings (or both)? Are your inter-company process and data flows with your suppliers and customers operating less smoothly than you’d like? If so, make use of our expertise in analyzing and revamping such processes to enhance your bottom line.

Cost Reduction

Is your enterprise under pressure to reduce operational or administrative costs? Are you at a loss as to where to begin searching for potential cost savings within your organization? Are you unable to attain the cost savings you think might be available due to lack of a clear plan of attack?  Our approach to cost reduction can be tailored to target either a specific functional area within your firm OR to examine an entire business unit.  In either case, the results will be a comprehensive cost-based review of your specified functional environment, with specific recommendations for potential cost savings ranked by such factors as ease of attainability / time to implement, potential disruption to existing process flows (both internal and external),  and any potential costs required to retrain staff.  Then, if you choose, our staff can either lead or support your efforts to realize the identified cost-saving opportunities.

Working Capital Management

Slow paying customers? Unable to pay your own bills fast enough to take advantage of supplier discounts?  Issues predicting/managing cash balances on your own books? Effective working capital management requires a delicate balance of efficiency and financial savvy. Oftentimes, the document flows that support your supply chain and/or value chain lack transparency. This lack of transparency can cause you to miss out on opportunities to lower your firm’s overall cost of capital while simultaneously becoming more efficient and effective at managing your own cash flows.  Let us help you address these issues head-on: our “diagnostic“ approach to working capital issues will help you identify the areas in which you can achieve the most “bang for the buck” most easily. Then, if you choose, our staff can either lead or support your efforts to realize the anticipated improvements.


Our Capital Advisory Services are specifically targeted to address the needs of small to mid size business and investors. Please click this link to learn more:

Whatever your needs may be in these areas, you have our assurances that our efforts will focus on the unique qualities and needs of your enterprise. Additionally, our experience in project and program management ensures that any transformational initiatives will be handled in a manner that best-suits the needs of your organization. Contact us today to discuss your situation and let us show you how we can address your needs.