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Commercial & Multifamily Real Estate

Our Realty Advisory Services for commercial and multifamily investors include:

Buyer Representation

Real estate brokers generally have a fiduciary duty to the seller of a property. Why settle for a broker or agent that is bound by law to protect the best interests of the seller?

Have our Advisors represent your interests during your pursuit of a suitable property.

Whether you are acquiring an investment property or a property in which you plan to operate your business, having an experienced Advisor working on your behalf with a fiduciary obligation to you, the buyer, gives you an edge. Let our experience in evaluating, negotiating, and structuring real estate transactions help you achieve your investment goals.

Seller Representation

Selling a portfolio, a single building, or a commercial condo? No two properties are the same, and our Advisors work with sellers to develop an individually-crafted sales and marketing strategy for each individual property that strives to maximize the final sale price. Only qualified buyers will be permitted to evaluate your property, and there will be as little disruption to your (or your tenants) own schedule(s) as possible. Sellers can also benefit from our experience in negotiating and structuring real estate transactions to help make a sale a reality.

Transaction Advisory Services

Our Realty Advisors are prepared to assist with a variety of services when an investor is faced with a potential acquisition of an asset. These include:

·         Financial Analyses: A thorough financial analysis of the asset, including a review and verification of all income streams, expenses, lease terms, potential use of leverage, cost of capital, and pro forma analyses.


·         Profiling potential operational risks: An inspection of the property and analysis of any leases, tenants, service agreements, or other operation-related documents for purposes of identifying and mitigating any potential lease expiries or defaults, potential major repairs or capital improvements, or service-related issues related to the property. To the extent possible, risks are quantified in terms of potential costs or losses to the investor and specific remediation strategies are crafted.


·         Developing an ongoing operational strategy: A succinct, actionable set of recommendations on how the property might best be operated on a go-forward basis, with specific emphasis on achieving the investor’s stated investment goals.


Non-biased opinions of current and/or potential future asset values based upon current market conditions, zoning restrictions, possible alternative uses of a property, and the investors overall investment goals.

Tenant Representation

Finding a suitable leased location for your business is often a time consuming and cumbersome process. Our Advisors work with clients to fully understand their unique requirements prior to engaging in any site search. Once engaged, you can expect our Advisors to work diligently to locate, pre-screen, and “vet” suitable properties on your behalf. Furthermore, as dedicated tenant representatives, our Advisors can provide sound advice regarding lease structure (i.e. required build-outs, escalations, services, etc.) and possible negotiating tactics.

Leasing (for landlords)

Whether you are an owner or manager of a multifamily property, office building, warehouse, or retail space, our leasing expertise can help you secure the best possible tenants for your property. Our Advisors will effectively market your property and can provide you with tenant screening services such as credit, income, and asset verification, as well as the vetting of banking and trade references.


For information on financing for your commercial property, visit our Capital Advisory Services group: