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Why Choose Us For Your Financing Needs?

1. Customized Service

Financing packages are tailored to meet the needs of your enterprise with the goal of minimizing your overall cost of capital.

2. Fixed, fully disclosed compensation levels for all transactions 

Our compensation is agreed upon up front with each customer and we will not accept any yield spread premiums unless authorized to do so by the customer after full disclosure of the terms of the proposed yield spread agreement .

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3. No false claims of being a “direct lender”

Think you’ve found a lender?

Are they telling you they are a “direct lender”, despite the fact that they aren’t an established bank, hedge fund, or insurance company?

There are many so-called ”lenders” who are nothing but brokers in disguise.

A common ruse is for a brokerage firm to establish a “correspondent”, or “table funding” relationship with an actual lender. This allows the broker to pretend they are a direct lender, when in reality all funds and underwriting are provided by the actual lender. Such brokers often claim to be “closing and selling the paper” to the actual lender, or “closing in our name, then securitizing” the loan, when in reality they are doing nothing other than brokering the loan and likely earning undisclosed yield spread premiums and other fees in the process.

In our opinion, such methods are misleading and unethical, and you have our guarantee that we will fully disclose any such relationships.

(HINT: to avoid such “table funding” ruses, insist on the so-called “lender” providing you with THEIR proof of funds to close, i.e., do they actually have the money on hand to deliver your financing?  If the entity you are dealing with can’t provide such proof, chances are they are not truly a direct lender).